Bookkeeping Services

Well maintained records are important in any business to provide the owner with information and as a basis for the preparation of the annual accounts.

RPC Accountants will tailor a bookkeeping service to suit your particular needs at a cost you can afford.

The service may range from advising on a recording system to be maintained by you or your staff, through to weekly bookkeeping carried out by our staff.

Our staff are experienced in dealing with the most popular computerised bookkeeping systems used in business, but we also offer the facility to maintain your records on the bookkeeping software owned by us.

We will therefore maintain your records on your premises using your computers and software, or at our offices using computers and software supplied by us.

The service may be carried out on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to suit your particular need and requirements.

Management reports and information will also be prepared to meet your specific business needs.

The fees for our bookkeeping services are always agreed in advance and are fixed until the end of the relevant accounting period.

For more information, please contact us.

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